R.I.P. Number 9

i had my root canal this morning. or all day, rather. i spent over 3 hours in the dentist chair today, but i think it took care of my main problem. i don’t want to jump the gun and say it was a success yet, because i took 2 ibuprofen and my face is still slightly numb, but i’m hoping for the best.

the place i went to, charleston endodontics, was hands down–amazing. the dental assistant over there is so sweet and she’s probably about my mom’s age. she’s my height, and we wear the same size shoes. i say that because she wanted me to try on her sketcher shape-ups, but i’m really not a foot person. feet freak me out. i politely declined. she talked and talked and talked. i tried to talk but i had a bite guard in my mouth, along with a rubber thing covering half my face, and x-ray trays, and drills, and the whole 9-yards. it was a pretty 1-sided conversation.

anyway, the dentist came in and he’s a really young guy and he says he went to OSU to become a “root canal specialist”. and that is definitely what he is. because i didn’t feel a thing. except the novocaine needle. he actually waited a bit longer after applying the numbing gel, which i very much appreciate. usually they swab it on and then stick me with the needle without giving it any time to take effect. that is just mean.

it didn’t help a lot, though. he said part of it was because it’s so close to to my nose and upper lip (being the front tooth and all) and that area is really sensitive. i have to agree with that statement. my eyes welled up again, and i was holding back sneezes for all 3 injections. i did the like… half sneeze, where you kinda jerk a little bit and your face looks really weird, you know? so embarrassing. i also gagged on the x-ray trays–all of them. that was attractive.

at least they let me listen to rob zombie and wear sunglasses. actually, they made me wear the sunglasses. i don’t remember having to wear sunglasses during my last root canal. i also don’t remember them using a microscope. today was all new to me. either a lot has changed in a short amount of time, or i went to a much better endodontist this time.

i finally relaxed after about 45 minutes. the needles are what get me, which is weird because i don’t mind piercings or tattoos one bit. that makes no sense. but i relaxed, and laid there, and i didn’t feel any of it. except the drill. you can’t not feel that damn drill. the sound of any kind of drill will forever inflict painful memories and send goosebumps down my spine after the last 2 months.

after it was all said and done, she gave me ibuprofen and gave me the run-down on what to expect (pain, obviously, but not too much i hope). she said to avoid corn on the cob and apples. i told her that won’t be a problem. ever.

i have to go back to my regular dentist in 2-3 weeks to get my last filling fixed (the other one he botched up) and for him to replace the filling that’s in the root canal with some other substance. that sounds so gross. and then around may, i should think about getting a crown. depending on how much insurance covers, that may or may not be doable until later on down the line.

today cost me $250 out of pocket. the whole procedure was about $700. the moral of the story is don’t drink and puke. later, you will regret it with every fiber of your being. this i promise you.