i should have figured this out by now, but cleaning the entire apartment and rearranging things and dusting stuff and doing laundry makes me feel 100000x better. i don’t know why because it definitely wears me out and i’ve had to keep loki from chewing my ankles whenever i switch rooms but i was successful and this place is clean, a lot more roomy, and amazingly, even smells awesome. and all my clothes are hung up and my closet is totally rearranged. it feels spectacular.

and i did 60 pushups and 100 situps. i think that helped too. made some pasta salad, a tuna bagel, and cranberry juice.

if brian and zack come up, at least they won’t be sleeping on a dirty floor. and i’ll get my moonshine, and i’ll be in one hell of a good mood. adammm i so wish you were here. i still haven’t stopped smiling since you called. :biggrin: