purple pansies

WE BEAT FURMAN!!!!!!!! HA! bastards. 2 years in a row. eat that.

the game was a blast. ALUG/gaming club tailgated at greenwood again and i ran into a bunch of random people i hadn’t seen in a while so it was fun. i got lots of pictures so they’re being resized/uploaded momentarily. the pictures from ohio can be found here and i think there are other random new pictures up under friends also. i’m putting up a few more tonight that i forgot about. i left the game at halftime for a few reasons. 1, it was windy as hell and it was making my face hurt and 2, i needed to find my last minute halloween costume since i left part of it in winston after i went back to get it and still left bits of it there. oh well. i pulled it off last night and was a gothed out girl in a poodle skirt. i found this awful outfit at wal-mart with a cracked out black/white poodle and black/white stripes and just all around morbid look to it. i cut it up and ripped off pieces and put it on my outfit from freshman year and made a totally innocent oldie/goldie poodle skirt cutesie outfit into the most evil/morbid looking little girl i could come up with. black lipstick, black eye make-up, black fishnet, black boots, huge silver/black earrings, chain necklace with handcuffs on it, black sweater overtop of the halter and it was a hit. a bit short so i kept yanking it down all night. that didn’t mix well with the wind. :grr: what can ya do. i carried around my jar of moonshine all night and ended up going to one crappy party and then hung out at brady’s with jill all night. that proved to be a lot more entertaining but the drama was through the roof. i’m so glad i’m not a multi-std-infected whore, that was disgusting, and i’m glad they disinfected everything she touched in that apartment. you can’t cry rape after you spent an hour bragging about four-somes and aren’t wearing panties. that says “i’m open” better than duct taping a neon, blinking open sign to your crotch. idiots.

anyway! today was much more fun. i stayed in bed until 3 because i hadn’t done that in a while. jill and i went to dos amigos for breakfast/lunch/dinner, got some errands done for betsy since she is sick, and then made our infamous wal-mart trip, yet again. i got cleaning supplies because i had run out and i still needed to do a few things around here. i also got some things for adam and i finally get to send his package tomorrow!!! :heart: i feel bad that i haven’t been able to send stuff lately but i get paid tomorrow night and he has a lot to look forward to. he’s probably going to kill me for some of the things i’m sending but i couldn’t resist and they are sosososo funny! i’m excited. since we got home, we’ve been doing laundry, i cleaned the hell out of this place, homework, and it’s been super exciting. i’m glad the neighbors have a vacuum because this place needed it.

i’m going to upload pictures from the game. this will take a while. i tried to take a video of the guy on the flag team but i missed the part where they were just dancing without the flags and that was the best part of all. i did get the part where he dropped it though. doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. we were laughing our asses off. poor kid.