bored out of my mind

ADAM CALLED AGAIN!!! i have talked to him twice this week which seems like a miracle compared to the past month or so. it made my day seem so much better. i told him i’d take his PT test for him if he went to my classes for me but he wouldn’t fall for it. he said he had to actually pass his PT test. i think i could do it. :wink: i love you, turd.

this class sucks.

in reponse to “dog person”: i take her out all the time, i run with her frequently, she runs laps around the apartment for hours. trust me. she gets her exercise. she normally behaves really well but every now and then she just goes absolutely apeshit and there is no calming her down unless you lay down with her and pet her for about half an hour or more. if she’s not getting attention, she pouts, and she goes crazy. i’m working on it. sigh. it’s a work in progress.

i hope brian and zach come up to boone. i need some entertainment this week. i don’t know how i feel about going to geno’s tonight…. i really want to go with jill because i haven’t the past 3 times around but it’s so dang crowded in there.