So Stuffed

man, i just ate the biggest meal i think i’ve ever eaten and i can barely keep my eyes open. i’m ready for a nice, long nap. unfortunately, jill isn’t going to let me do that because jill wants to play cards and drink beer so it looks like i’ll be gettin’ lit tonight! goodness. it’ll be fun. we just gotta find some other people.

i’m gonna brag since i’m nice like that. twin city chophouse is a place where you go to spend your workplace’s money and gorge. we definitely abused the privilege for the second time this month. i got a cajun fried catfish sandwich that was close to a foot long, fries, salad, rolls, crab dip, and a huge chocolate cake with ice cream covered in walnuts and chocolate for dessert. thank god i don’t do construction or landscaping because i’d be out of luck. i can hardly move. but boy, it was good. there are some quirky people working in that place.

mom, i brought the leftover chocolate cake back to campus and i went alllll the way from the chapel to your office and YOU WERE NOT THERE! jill ate half your cake as punishment. :biggrin: HA! i’ll bring the rest home. it’s still huge.