I <3 Wake Forest Budget

the department is taking us to the twin city chophouse today because it’s my boss’s last day at work. does anyone realize what this means? it means… appetizerS, huge meal, and neverending deserts. i am so excited. i will not be in the office from 11:30-1:45 because i will be being treated like… a big important executive. :biggrin:

i took a 3 hour nap yesterday which rocked. i woke up at 9 and matt called and came and got me and took me to blockbuster and we rented the jacket which is definitely one of the weirdest movies i’ve ever seen. i don’t even know where to start explaining it so i’m not gonna try. go rent it or download it. it’s psycho, but i looooved it. that doesn’t say much on my part but i don’t care at this point.

i got 4 phone calls from 4 different people at like 1:30 AM and i don’t think that’s ever happened before. how do you people know that i’m awake? no one calls when i’m asleep, but if i’m awake at all hours of the night someone manages to figure it out and tell a bunch of other people. STOP IT! stalkers… i put the huge black curtains up for a reason!

i am not sure when i’m going to mooresville this weekend but hopefully i’ll get to meet up with bobby and then i might be headed to UNCC for a party saturday night. who knows. i suck at making plans and i’m gonna end up all over the place. rodda wants me to go with him and dave when they go ride horses in matthews and i reeeeally want to go because i have wanted to do that since last august when jarrod and i found the horses in the woods tied up. don’t ask. anyway, i want to go. i will be sure to pack an inhaler, eye drops, allergy medicine, and water. if an allergic reaction occurs again, i WILL be prepared this time. i might as well just bring a damned gas mask because there is no IF in this situation. horses will be the death of me.

i ordered ozzfest tickets last night. :cool: i am so psyched about this. i really, REALLY hope grainger and puhlman get home from iraq in time for it. it’s gonna be a blast. i’m gonna go with sterka and his brother and i know so many other people who are going so this better be awesome!!

hooray for payday! i’m off to file junk and make this morning fly by so i can go stuff my face with expensive food. :smile: