Duh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh BATMAN!

matt took me out to dinner and to see batman last night. the dinner rocked and of all people, BUBBA was working there. if you live in this county, chances are you know bubba. i’m convinced that he knows everyone in the world. then… we went to the bowling alley to play video games since we had about an hour to kill before the movie started. we kind of missed the early show because we suck and are slow eaters. we played tekken and some zombie game and raced and then i played this really sweet sega zombie game but the machine started doing really strange things in the middle of it so i left it and pretended like i didn’t do anything. heh. yeah. we got buncha crunch and butterfingers and popcorn and watched batman, and holy shit that movie was way better than i had expected. i loved it, and i feel bad because i realize i had been making strange noises throughout the movie like “OH!” and “ooooooh” and “whooaaaa” and i’m sure i drove him nuts. either way, i had a good time. :blush: and i got to ride in a bright blue RX8 all night and i’d never ridden in one before… talk about SWEET! my mom about shit a brick mowing the lawn when he pulled up at my house.