So... Bored...

i seriously need something to do. i don’t know if i’m ever going to have anything to do after my boss quits because she’s the only one who ever gives me work and i’m going to just sit here on my ass and watch construction workers go by.

this unbelievably gorgeous guy was in here filling out forms because he’s a new employee… still in his 20’s i’m assuming because he sure as hell looked like it. i overheard him say his mom was born in ’56 which means she’s even younger than my mom and he can’t be that old! MEANWHILE, another lady i work with is sitting next to me with this sneaky grin on her face. she gets up and says right in front of him, “well, i’m going to lunch! whitney you’re on your own! and you can sit at the FRONT desk if you want to” and winks, and then leaves me in the room alone with this guy who already is wondering what the hell is going on. everyone in this place likes to make me look stupid in front of the opposite sex.

i just found out that brent is probably going to be at myrtle beach when i’m down there. brent is the guy i dated while we were all in australia and we had so much fun together for that 3 weeks we were down there, but he lived 4 hours away and now goes to NCSU. this should make for a fun time down in SC!