Sick of Envelopes and Papercuts

my fingers now have a billion tiny papercuts from stuffing envelopes yesterday and today. that has got to be the most tedious, pain in the ass, busywork job i’ve ever done besides making folders for faculty orientation (i will probably start twitching uncontrollably if i ever see a blue/red/black folder again in my life). at least i’m done with them. knock on wood please, don’t give me anymore.

more recently i’ve been learning that the words “hot” and “flash” when used together are big huge warning signals to either leave the room or the city depending on the severity of the situation. if it’s my mom, it means leave the city or at the very least get the hell out of the house. if it’s my stepmom, it means lay low, and if it’s any one of these crazy women at work, it means do not talk/take messages/i’m going to kill the next person that walks in this door/go take your 15 minute break NOW!!! if signs are misinterpreted, the results of this encounter could be deadly. i’m learning them well as of lately and so far i’ve found the most effective strategy is just to stay away.

i feel a lot better today than i did yesterday and looking back, i don’t remember much of yesterday at all. it’s all a huge blur. lack of sleep does strange things to the mind. apparently i txt messaged a lot of people monday night during the short period that i was drunk and they managed to call me yesterday in my zombie-like stupor and i had no recollection of it whatsoever. daniel got one around 3AM tuesday morning and thank god he was just as awake and just as drunk as i was, so he got a laugh out of it.

i’m trying to decide what i want to do for my birthday. i asked my grandma if i could have people come down to the lake to party but i know she gets stressed easily and although we’d clean up after ourselves (translation- i’d clean up) and we would be outside 99% of the time, it’d put a lot on her mind because she seems to always feel like she has to take care of my friends and i while we’re there. either way, i want to do something for my birthday so if anyone has any ideas, TELL ME PLEEEASE! i didn’t get to do anything last year since i was sick and hungover and most likely had alcohol poisoning. thomas’s party was a little too much excitement last summer. heh. :wassat:

mom, whatever those pills were that you gave me this morning are a godsend. holy crap, i feel so much better. i couldn’t breathe at all unless i walked around with my mouth wide open, and my head hurt, and my throat was killing me. now i feel fine, except my eyes are still bugging the shit out of me. i hate… HATE pinkeye. i can’t tell if it’s still in the stages before it blows up, or if the worst is over and it’s just taking forever to go away.

MAN, I CANNOT WAIT TO GO TO MYRTLE BEACH!!! i will be happy to get away for a week. :cool: