How Did I End Up Here?

this weekend… has been interesting to say the very least. i do not understand how i wind up in some of the places that i do. i suppose that’s what summer is for, right?

jill and i wanted to drink friday night and play cards. we decided to call up some people (chris and ryan) so we could hang out and have a fun night. instead of partying at jen’s place like we had planned, we DROVE from 7:30-2AM all over the damn triad area. it was so, SO stupid. i mean, we had fun. but it was one hell of a long night. we picked up chris in lexington in the middle of nowhere. i have friends that live that way but he definitely lives in BFE. ryan bailed on us so we went to another kid’s house to pick up him and lee and we drove around some more. we wound up in high point at some church with a bunch of riced out cars and even more idiots. that got old really fast so we went and ate at ham’s and had pretty much the best bacon cheese fries i’ve ever had in my life. then… there was almost fight number 2 of the night. stupid. we left there and got a call from some kid that i do not know and that took us to burlington around 1AM and we found ourselves in the wal-mart parking lot for like an hour with the most random redneck crowd i’ve ever met. while jill spent her time there on the phone with her boyfriend, i was on my own trying to avoid the annoying 17 year old horny just out of highschool douchebag who kept throwing lines at me. they were unbelievable. i am highly confident when i say that i don’t think this kid has ever gotten a girl in his life and if he has, she had to be dumb as a rock. he walked up to me and says, “you’re short!”. well, no shit, sherlock. i never would’ve known if you didn’t inform me. the rest of the convo goes like this:

him: “you should meet my friend!”
me: “who is your friend?”
him: points at his t-shirt “he comes with a warning label”
me: walks away

way to go, buddy! you sure are a charmer.

after the parking lot fiasco and after meeting some of the biggest idiots in north carolina we decided to leave and drive home. jill and i got home around 4AM and finally crashed. it was a long, long night.

yesterday was an eventful day too. #1 rule: don’t ride horses while tipsy. i went with rodda and dave to dave’s place in charlotte to ride horses for the afternoon. after we finally got everything situated they gave me a horse and everyone was good to go. my horse was very sweet and did almost everything i told it to do whenever i told it, except it wouldn’t stop eating and everytime i sneezed she sneezed too and it would scare the shit out of me because i kept thinking i was going to get thrown off. anyway, rodda took off running down the road on his horse and mine decided it wanted to do the same thing so there i went flying down the street on a damn horse trying to hold my boobs because it hurt so bad getting thrown around up there and still trying to stay on the horse and hold the reins at the same time. i was having some difficulty. she finally stopped, and then turned into the bastard horse spawn of satan.

we got to the pond that we were going to walk through. they do this all the time so it should be no problem and i was all excited because i hadn’t ridden a horse in 4 years. well, my horse decided it didn’t want to get its pretty little feet wet so she started jerking around and running me into trees and shit. dave’s dad didn’t warn me before he SLAPPED MY HORSE ON THE ASS HARD AS HELL and my horse did a 180 turn and flew me through the woods where there was no path, just very thick trees. at this point, i was laying down on my back on the horse getting dragged through branches and getting all cut up. i managed to get him out of the trees and back next to the lake. we tried a second time to get her to go in the water, but again, she didn’t like it. dave’s dad took my reins and tried to lead her, but then she flipped out, started swinging her head everywhere, broke the bridal, and started running the opposite direction with me on it and i got shoved off the back and run into by dave’s dad’s horse and oh holy hell, i thought i was going to die. it hurt so bad. i’m all scratched up now and i am sore and walking bow legged after that disaster. i just was happy that my allergies did not kick in bigtime. rodda, i know you read this. this wasn’t the first time i got put on a runaway horse so don’t feel bad. i still had fun and now i have another stupid story to tell people. and i can say i rode a horse half drunk. :cool:

last night’s plans got a little effed up so after i went to my grandma’s at lake norman and ate dinner with her and got the horse smell off of me i headed to UNCC. i didn’t drink a whole lot since i didn’t know 99% of the people i was with and getting trashed at a random apartment in charlotte and getting stuck there was on the list of things not to do for the night. we went to a “playboy party” where girls were all hoochified in cute outfits, tails, and bunny ears and guys dressed in robes and pimp suits. it was a sausage fest with like 25 guys and 5 girls. good for us, not good for them. we left and went to a lambda chi party which lasted for all of 5 minutes. i saw some people i knew and derek and i wound up leaving and going to taco bell instead. all they were doing was playing flip cup and standing around so it wasn’t all too exciting. for the remainder of the night we hung out at some other guy’s apartment for a few hours playing circle of death, rummy, poker, and blackjack all night. it was fun and i met some cool kids; however, i do not have a clue who any of them are. haha… oh well.

we came back to the apartment and watched boondock saints and went to bed. i just woke up like an hour ago and took a shower and now i’m waiting for the thunderstorm to go away so i can leave and get food because i’m starving.

this weekend has been ass backwards, but fun. i didn’t take many pictures which is a bummer but i’ll get over it. i wouldn’t know who anyone in the pictures was anyway.