11:30 needs to hurry up so i can go get pizza hut. jill and i are on a mission and nothing can stop us. watch me fall in a mud puddle now that i’ve said that. :biggrin:

last night was a lot of fun. after i got home from charlotte i took a quick nap and headed out to meet danny for mexican. he’s been in australia for the past month or so and he and i used to always go to different mexican restaurants around here to “test them out” to see which one was better. i just went ’cause i was hungry but apparently he has a theory. i don’t know. anyway, rodda showed up to surprise danny since they were buddies back in the day so it was a cute little reunion and we convinced rodda to stay around and go watch a movie with us. we rented the original amityville horror and got a case of bud light and got drunk at danny’s house. it was lots of fun and i haven’t been that drunk and retarded and giggly in a long time… i took pictures, and when i got home around 1AM i was so out of it that i just layed down and passed out. the pictures will be up when i get a minute.

i decided that i’m gonna leave for myrtle beach tonight instead of tomorrow morning. this means that i have to pack right when i get home, buy a couple red bulls, and get the hell out of here. i need a vacation where i can just lay on the damn beach and not do anything. this will be nice.