So Fresh And So Clean!

i love the feeling of getting out of the shower and getting prettied up and putting on the most comfy clothes i can find. ahhh… so nice. :smile: i bought a pair of jeans the night before i moved to boone and i bought them 3 sizes too big so they’d be nice and baggy and they’re made out of that really soft denim, not like the stretchy stuff or the rough crap that doesn’t move. they make me happy.

i went to los arcoiris last night with wright, robert, and robert’s girlfriend kim. it was good and they actually got my order right on the first try. that’s the first time that’s ever happened. hooray for mexican!!!

i had another one of those migraines from hell and this one was even worse than the last one. i felt so dizzy and ooohh i wanted to just hit myself over the head with a pan and knock myself out. i wasn’t sleepy but i didn’t feel like sitting on my ass at my apartment by myself so instead i went to sterka and daniel’s and sat on my ass there and watched TV. daniel got a new puppy a few days ago and i swear i’m gonna steal that thing. it’s adorable. but it does crap everywhere so i think i should wait a while before i steal it. it makes me miss my little ewok back home.

now i have to go pay the electric bill. it’s due within the next 2 days which is stupid because holton is closed ’til monday so i guess i can put it in the drop box maybe? i’m gonna go wander around upstairs and see if there even is a drop box. otherwise i better get that crap turned in bright and early monday morning or they’ll cut my power off again. ha! not cool at all. the milk went bad last time.