i hate that once school starts back up and i start working more and staying out that my site goes pretty much dead. i never catch a time to just sit and make stupid posts like i did this summer when i did nothing at wake forest all day. i have to say that was the easiest job i’ve ever had and probably was the easiest one i’ll ever have. tech. support requires more energy and concentration than that did and tech. support isn’t a 8:30-5 full time job… of course, part of that energy goes towards sticking rob with push pins whenever i get picked on. he seems to be the scapegoat when the whole office just lets loose on me. :biggrin: poor baby.

i am proud of myself… i just went and paid my first bill. AND my 9:00 class got cancelled. hooray for jury duty! sucks for the teacher but that class is going to be a waste of time anyway.

i have to go stand at the appalcart stop. i probably should start standing on top of it since it likes to drive right past me. even my mom made fun of me for that one.