Shitty Week

classes started, my mom and grandparents left for new york today to visit family and i wasn’t able to go, my bank account is all screwed up, i have to buy 8 extra books and the stupid old woman at the rental place gave me the wrong textbook for world civ. so i can’t do my homework yet, my economics teacher is a nazi who needs a slap in the face, had 2 buzz kills in one night so the alcohol that i did drink had an effect on me for maybe 10 minutes tops, i have 3 classes tomorrow, and i have to wake up early and it’s 12:15 AM. this is my place to rant so there you have it. i need to go to sleep but with shit on my mind, i think i need tylenol to help me out. i really wanna go home right now. brent (guy i dated in australia) called last week and told me he was coming to boone this weekend and i’m really, REALLY hoping that he’s gonna make it. i need some cheering up right now. and sleep. goodnight.