this apartment thing is freaking awesome. ohh my gosh… i am having so much fun here. i do miss home and i miss my friends back home but i’m still having a blast being in boone again. this year is gonna kick ass, i can already tell. :cool: after my mom, dad, and christine left last night (thank you so much for everything! i love you!) i was finishing unpacking my stuff and colin (one of my neighbors) brought me over a beer to ease my stress. hahaha… he’s cool. i had a psychology class with him and this kid will last year. will was here last night too. dustin and danny were the other kids we partied with last night. danny and will don’t live here but colin and dustin share an apartment across the parking lot so we sat outside all night and drank and ate papa john’s which conviently came from RIGHT across the street. another one of our neighbors whose name is will drove us to taco bell and god that kid is funny. we sat around and stuffed our faces with taco bell around midnight. i was really tired so i ended up crashing and will slept on my floor since colin kicked him off the couch. poor guy. i was awakened this morning by a really loud knocking on my door at 9AM… the maintenance guys were here and they brought their kid with them. how nice is that? yeah. so now i can’t go back to sleep. SO MUCH FOR SLEEPING IN!!!

i’m too excited to sleep anyway. i like this place a loooott and i’m very, very happy. i need to go pay off my parking ticket from last year, get a meal plan, get a cable for my TV because mine was broken, and i’m not sure what else. :smile: