Drunk @ the Library

yesterday was tons of fun. i ran to wal-mart to pick up a few things i forgot when i went wednesday and ended up STILL forgetting stuff. oh well. i got back and took a nap.

rodda came and visited me and helped me hang up my skull axe and it looks pretty badass hanging from my CEILING!!! i’m excited. anyway, he and i went to the gas station, he picked up a 12 pack, and we went to wright’s to bug him while he wrote his paper. i had a major emergency when i looked on my keychain and my swissbit USB drive was definitely not there. i found it later on in my purse. it fell off INTO my purse which was really lucky. anywho, i ended up drinking 2 budweisers at wright’s and i was feeling great so i stopped.

rodda drove us back to my place and james picked me right back up and we went to the library (new bar/restaurant/pub type place in boone) at 7:30. this place is very, VERY nice. they have these tubes that are like 3 feet tall and hold 9 beers for $14. james and brad got 3 of them. rob, brent, chris, brandi and her date, ashley, eric and his friends, and steve and his roomie also came and went throughout the night. when rob left, he left his beer glass, so me with my sneakiness kept letting my straw go in the wrong glass the remainder of the night. the remainder of night lasted ’til about 11:45. :smile: 4 hours in a place like this can be dangerous! it was a lot of fun being with everyone again. tonight i think we’re going to dos to fulfill the mexican craving and everyone plans on drinking before we go see dukes of hazzard. i’m definitely excited and i’m even more excited because my dukesfest buddies are going to be there!!! oh yes. we’re gonna have fun tonight.

i need to shower.

PS- don’t eat tuna sandwiches for breakfast. never again.
PPS- someone buy me this. kthx.