Movin' Out

last night my mom took me out to cracker barrel for dinner. i’m gonna miss you even though we drive each other nuts sometimes!

i went to liz’s last night with her, ben, sarah, and this kid price. it was fun… sarah left early so it was the four of us for the remainder of the evening. i got ben in the face with a cupcake (twice!!!) and shortly after got the crap kicked out of me. i learned once again that i suck at darts, also. i never win. :angry: one of these days… i’m gonna do it.

i woke up at 7AM and drove home since little nathan was making strange noises and it was hot as heck at liz’s place. i came home and was awake for maybe an hour and then crashed ’til 1:30 in the afternoon. i didn’t wanna sleep that late but oh well. jill showed up and helped me pack up my stuff for tomorrow. i got almost everything done so it’ll be nice to not have to hurry tomorrow. all i have to worry about is actually getting up on time. we have to be in boone by 3.

jill and i went to get mexican for dinner since it’s my last night in winston and she’s stuck here for another 10 days before she gets to move back to boone. we ate lots of good food and now i’m so not hungry at all. we went to the scrapbook store to get her a book for her and adam and then went to joanne’s where we were supposed to just get an iron on patch for her but i ended up buying crap for my apartment. i bought this hanging thing that can hold socks and panties and flip flops and all that kind of crap and i bought another light and a koozie and poker chips. now i have to find my deck of cards because i know it’s around here somewhere. i thought i got something else but i can’t remember. anywho, i got all of it for only $25 so at least i didn’t do so bad.

OH.. my dad called and woke me up this afternoon to inform me that my speeding tickets that i got in february and april (one was 70 in a 55, second was 90 in a 65) are finally figured out… drum roll I DON’T LOSE MY LICENSE!!! i am so so freaking glad. my dad was pretty sure i was going to but all the money it cost to get this crap sorted out was worth it. insurance doesn’t go up and i got the second one dropped to a 74 in a 65 and the first one got a prayer for judgement. thank god. that’s such a load off my mind.

i’m gonna finish up the last load of laundry and finish up packing. then i wanna get out of here tonight so someone do something fun!!!