Packing... Sorta

i can’t believe it’s august already. i move out on wednesday and into my new apartment all on my own! i am excited, happy, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. i never thought i’d say i miss winston but good god, i know i will. alex goes back to rhode island, collin and adam are gonna be at duke with all the cool ass beer pong playing crazy kids, matt and lauren and leah back at unc, sarah and ben and liz and ali and everyone will be living here still, sarah will be in asheville, becky will be in wilmington, and everyone from king (somehow hardly any of them live in king anymore) will be here unless more of them join the damn military. well, dale and striebich and siner will be in boone. drew’s coming to boone too (soo excited!) but everyone’s scattered all over the damn place. it drives me nuts.

oh, by the way tomASS and the rest of you who read this.. i got a drunk phone call from duane friday night, i wasn’t sure if anyone else did. he got drunk on the boat off the coast of florida with his captain and stole someone’s cigarettes and was sitting outside talking to me about how he misses everyone and is doing alright. it was funny as hell… i miss duaner.

i was kind of packing just now but i keep getting sidetracked with IMs. i’d put up an away message but then i can’t talk to people and get sidetracked. heh. i’m so good at procrastinating. i got one box filled (too bad it’s only slightly bigger than a shoebox) and part of another one. slowly but surely… i’m on my way.

back to business…