Nerd Reunion

i went to dave’s 21st birthday party last night and oh my god i am SO glad i went. dave, pat, blake, john, and mike were all there and i had not hung out with them all together at the same time in years. i’ve seen them here and there but very, very rarely and it was so good to have all my buddies around again. i’m glad dave’s moving to boone because hopefully it’ll give blake and mike one more reason to come visit us. here.

the night before i took a bunch of pictures too. adam’s flight home was this evening so collin and alex and i drove to raleigh to take him to the airport. as many goodbyes as i’ve had lately considering all my friends in the military, you’d think i’d be used to them by now. we’ll hang out again, but still. goodbyes suck. :angry:

last night was absolutely nuts. i left dave’s around 11:15 and went to matt’s to hang out with everyone. the night went kind of slow so we watched jerry mcguire and tommy boy and i was really tired for some reason so i crashed pretty early. at 4 AM paul (matt’s brother) and his buddies jeff and tim came home from the bars/strip clubs and definitely ran throughout the ENTIRE house waking ALL of us up banging pots and pans chanting and yelling and singing to get our asses downstairs and drink with them. they’re already hammered and most of our beer is gone so we played a crappy round of a drinking game ’til 5 AM and we all went back to sleep. stuff like that makes me miss boone even more… :smile: only 3 days ’til i move into my apartment! i reeeeally need to get my packing done.

i’m gonna shower and either go to liz’s or matt’s. i haven’t decided. either way, it shall be fun. unless someone else comes up with a better idea of something to do on a sunday night… good luck.