adam is here from chicago and we’re all partying at matt’s tonight. i’m excited. :smile: i’ll be partying sober tonight, though. ben, ali, liz, nathan, and i went bowling in greensboro last night and had pitchers of budweiser. apparently i had too much. today was my last day at work and i wasn’t even able to go to work OR the chop house. i slept from 1:30 am ’til 5 pm with the exception of waking up every 30 minutes to high tail it to the bathroom. sigh. oh well. it was a fun night and definitely worth it. i met a guy shorter than me but looked like he was 30 and he told me i was cute. i almost slipped and said so are you in a little kid way but i bit my tongue. i also wanted to kick another guy in the balls for the words coming out of his mouth. he didn’t know i could hear him. still wanted to kill him. i was just happy i got strikes. :cool: i’m off to get ready.