OMG pain

i have the worst headache i’ve had in a long time… this is so shitty. i was gonna meet up with rodda because his dad’s band is playing tonight and then go bowling with ali, nathan, ben, and whoever else is going. if this headache doesn’t go away i won’t be going anywhere. it’s the one right behind my eyeball and it makes me nauseous and dizzy too. i haaatteeee these!

i went and had that meningitis shot. yeah… i didn’t even feel it. was so happy. and right after that i had to go to CVS to buy this new thing that freezes off warts. i’m scared to do it. shivers so gross. i’m a wuss when it comes to crap like that because it just weirds me out. anywho, that was a fun spent $50.

i just got done cleaning my room for the first time in like 2 weeks. it was the first time in my life where my room has been dirty enough to not see the floor. at all. or even the bathroom floor. i’m a neat freak bigtime so this was a 2 weeks of hell for me. i wouldn’t even turn the light on because it would bug the shit out of me even looking at it. i’m so glad it’s done. it’s been driving me insane. maybe that’s part of the reason i’ve been so bitchy lately… that’s a bad sign.

if you’re wondering about the shirt in the webcam… yes, it’s the realtree camo. you know you are soooo jealous.