last night was way too much… brendan IMed me last night around 9 and told me he was home from myrtle. this is one of the guys i lived with down there when i went on vacation. so i got all excited and went and picked him up and we went driving around trying to find something to do. i drove us to liz’s place and it was the usual crowd with a few other people. i don’t feel like listing names. anyway, one of the girls who was there was wasted and her boyfriend came to pick her up. i was quickly informed once he stepped foot in the house that he is abusive. i could’ve guessed that by looking at the guy. he looked really sketchy, and the way he talked to his girlfriend was disgusting. if you make your woman cry within 5 minutes of walking in the door, you should be slapped. brendan and ben didn’t like it very much so everyone was telling him to please leave. the whole situation blew up into a fight… fists, blood, bitching, and cops. it was retarded. brendan being mr. lifeguard was understandably trying to help, but since i was his ride home, i had to wait on him. finally around 3AM he informs me that he’s staying the night at liz’s to take care of this girl because she’s upset about her boyfriend. what did everyone learn last night? don’t say with an abusive boyfriend for 3 years and get engaged to him. i don’t understand how people get involved in this shit… i really don’t. that guy needs to be behind bars, and if he isn’t already, it’ll be soon.

i have to go at 3:15 to the doctor to get a meningitis shot. someone inform me of how bad this is going to hurt so i can be prepared to squeeze the shit out something when i go in there. i don’t get it.. i can handle piercings and i can even watch them while they do it. but once the doctor comes after me with a needle, i’m like back off or i’ll axe your face. it doesn’t make sense.

k, there’s something that’s been bugging the shit out of me for a really long time now. the times that i have been single, i get all these unbelievably annoying IMs saying the same stupid crap: “sooo… why is a beautiful girl like you single?”, “is your boyfriend going to get mad at me for talking to you? i’m assuming you have a boyfriend”, “it should be a crime for a cute little thing like you to not have a man.” PUKE! that’s not the way to get a girl. that’s the way to get blocked or ignored in 2.3 seconds. god, i hate that. sorry… random rant of the day. it’s happened twice this morning and i feel like strangling something or someone.

i’m so hungry… i believe i’ll be taking an early lunchbreak today. :biggrin: