today was a good day but it feels like it has dragged on forever. i woke up at 9am when i could’ve slept ’til about 10:30… i hate it when that happens. my accounting class was the same ol’ thing. i aced my quiz so that was great. work went pretty slow and the phone calls weren’t totally off the wall this time (always a plus) and for a bonus, my world civ. class was cancelled. i’m wondering if this means our midterm gets pushed back… yikes. otherwise, so much for a class review!

will picked me up so i could finally get the heck out of raley. i feel like i live there now… it’s starting to scare me. we went to dos amigos w/james and dustin so my mexican craving is finally cured for now. i swear i think i’m addicted. i can hardly go a week without having it. i met up with james, brandi, ashley, steve, rachel, & brad at the library (the bar, not the actual library for those of you who don’t live in boone, we’re not that nerdy) and we hung out for a while. i only stayed about an hour and a half ’cause i planned on going over to highlands to have a beer with the buddies but they were on their way out when i got there and all came back to our apartment complex. i might go across the parking lot and drink with them but i’m feelin’ kinda tired. i should not be tired… it’s only 11. something’s wrong with me… i should be awake ’til all hours of the night. i’m 19. what the hell is this?

anyway, i’m gonna find something to entertain myself. i’m sick of sitting at the computer because i’ve been on one all day.