I <3 Ohio

i want to go back to ohio. puhlman and i didn’t end up going to minnesota with grainger to see his girlfriend. there were a number of reasons, but mainly i couldn’t spend that much money on gas/entertainment/food/hotels and i would’ve had a 15 hour drive back to ohio and then another 6 hour drive back to boone and that would’ve been hell in one day. 6 hours on my own tonight was more than enough for me. i like driving by myself but not for that long and not in the fog and rain through mountains at night. boooring and not fun.

my time spent in ohio was unbelievably amazing and it could not have gone more perfectly. i did not want fall break to end. i believe i am in over my head at this point and am loving it. i am so happy, i don’t even know how to put it into words. i sound like such a dork but i don’t care at this point because i have been smiling non stop like a little kid on christmas.

thank YOU for everything this weekend. grainger, the 2 days were great. hahaha… i hope you’re having fun with danialle. i’m sorry i couldn’t make it up there.

i’ll explain parts of the trip later. it’s past midnight and i have to get up at 7 so i’m getting some rest. today was one hell of a day. :smile: it’s gonna be hard to sleep tonight, that’s for sure.

oh, and pictures are up.