Life is Good

sorry for the lack of updates. i’ve not been at home a whole lot. i went home wednesday night for grainger’s coming home party. puhlman came into town that afternoon so we threw down at grainger’s mom’s house and came back to boone thursday afternoon. i’ll put pictures from the party up later. we finally had another tech. support night at geno’s last night and it was lots of fun. a lot of people came out this time which was suprising. puhlman got to meet all my crazy friends, so that was nice. i won’t be updating again for a while most likely because grainger and i are driving up to ohio this afternoon to stay at puhlman’s for fall break and we’re supposed to go to minnesota so i’m not sure what the plan really is at this point. no matter where we end up, it’s gonna be a good time. i hope to have a shitton of pictures when we return. i should be back in boone by tuesday night. :smile:

thomas, scott, drew, siner, eller, and everyone who was at grainger’s wednesday night- it was AWESOME seeing you guys again. i miss the hell out of you guys.