One of Those Days

james, thank you for dropping me off at my apartment this afternoon. i only had 30 minutes left at work but god, i was about to burst. not with happiness either. i don’t see how i always get the retarded phone calls. always the difficult ones. i don’t mind helping people at all, otherwise obviously i would be out of a job. but it’s the people who shouldn’t be allowed to even so much as own a computer that i hate talking to. you need a person to sit down with you and explain it to you so you don’t re-screw it up once we fix it for you. seriously.

puhlman was having a bad day too so he called me when i got home and we managed to get eachother to chill out and breathe for a sec. i love how that works out. :biggrin:

i am now relaxing at my nice, clean apartment and it is an absolutely GORGEOUS day outside so i’m letting the sun shine in and the breeze flow through. this is why i love boone. this weather is the best. i’ll take that statement back when the snow continues to fall in april. i have marilyn manson blaring and i am good to go. now i would like a beer. yessss!

elliot, where are you??? i wanna get this website done.