Bryan Adams & Def Leppard

so the concert was badass, and i am glad i drove all the way to raleigh. it was even more enjoyable because some of my favorite people in the whole wide world went with me and thank you for going, guys. i had a blast. i didn’t get any pictures because it was dark when we got there and we were on the lawn in the middle of lots of crazy hippies so taking pictures would’ve done no good. i really wish i’d gotten one of the 2 guys next to us, though, because i’ve never seen anyone dance like that in my life… i’m not even sure if you can call it dancing, even. it was awkward. :biggrin: we drove back to winston after the concert and got home around 2 AM… ha. that was a not fun drive. if it weren’t for cell phones, chapin’s godawful singing/moaning/noises, and sunkist, i don’t think we would’ve stayed awake.

the guys left as soon as we all woke up. you’d think that after having this much experience with long distance relationships and especially military relationships that i’d be a lot better at goodbyes. not so. at all. i still suck at them, and again, i cried like a little bitch. i hate that crap. i hate having to leave someone for weeks at a time. i know it’s for good reason and i know that weeks is certainly better than 6 months but either way, it sucks. it makes it more enjoyable the next time i see him, but i wanna see him nowww… :sad: i swore up and down i’d never date another guy in the military ever again because it was so hard the first time… and here i am, falling head over heels for another one. i have good feelings about this, and i’ll be damned if this distance crap is gonna screw it up this time.

i gotta go study for my ethnic american lit. midterm tomorrow. i really, really hate this class. a lot. i don’t think i’m the only one.