i came home after my exam and after loki calmed down a bit, i layed down in bed and slept for a good 6 hours. i was hoping that it would help with my cold/allergies/sinus infection/whatever the hell crawled in my head and died. instead, it’s just made it possible for me to stay up 6 hours later honking and snorting while i lay in bed listening to incubus and screwing around in IRC. not exactly how i had my friday night laid out, but what can ya do?

i’m going home tomorrow to enjoy a relaxing weekend with the family. my mom already has dinner planned out and then sunday is maia’s baby shower. that’ll be interesting as i’ve never been to one of these events. i imagine it will be full of miniature clothes and lots of “awwww”-ing and “THAT’S SO ADORABLE”s.

i don’t know what i was thinking when i reserved adam’s copy of Halo 3 in winston. now, i have to drive home sunday night because i have 4 classes on monday. then, after classes and after my gaming club meeting, i have to drive back to winston so i can get a ticket and wait in line for 3 hours. i expect to see a few familiar faces that night, though. :smile: the only part i’m dreading is the drive back to boone. i am SO glad i didn’t schedule myself for tuesday/thursday classes! so glad.

i think that even if i was remotely tired tonight, i still wouldn’t be able to sleep. my upstairs neighbors are skateboarding all over the place. our decks are made of 2×4’s and when a skateboard rolls over it, it makes an awful racket. linoleum floors aren’t much better. i understand it’s a friday night but that’s significantly louder than the bass next door and the screaming all over the complex. loki has been barking all night, probably because it sounds like our ceiling is about to come crashing down.