no news is good news

i still haven’t heard from adam in about 3 days. i am so spoiled because after he got his laptop this summer, we’ve talked nearly every day. that is not a usual thing in my situation, and i should be and am very grateful. but when i don’t see him online for 3 days when he’s usually on every day and the last i heard from him was when he was about to leave for a mission, my brain starts playing tricks. i hate it. i keep telling myself that their internet is crapped out and that he’s sleeping a lot or something. or playing madden 24/7. i hope he’s ok. less than 2 freaking months. i can’t believe it… i’ll get to see him for well over 2 weeks this time. i am so excited. i want to know where he’s taking me. :smile:

since i’m full of happy thoughts today, i wanted to share what happened last night. it actually happened a couple weeks ago but my mom decided to wait until she had a better time to tell me. my cat, callie, passed away. i got her when i was 7 years old. she’d been hit by a car and was laying in the middle of the road near the animal hospital when my mom and grandpa stopped and rescued her. her hip had been badly wounded but they took her to the vet, got her fixed up, and brought her home to me. there was a good 2 year period where her feet barely touched the floor in our house and it’s a miracle she even learned how to walk again because i never let her out of my arms. i loved the hell out of her and she was my little baby. she always walked crooked because of her hip but she was the sweetest cat and would wake me up in the morning by playing with my hair and purring in my ear. i made an entire play world out of card board boxes just for her and filled our whole dining room with them. regardless of my awful allergy to cats, all my clothes were covered in cat hair for years because i didn’t care. i’d let my eyeballs swell up the size of golf balls just to let her sleep in my bed. every time i’ve come home from boone, i’ve made sure to go in her room and hug her and hold her and remind her that i’m not gone. :sad: i hope she’s happy in kitty-heaven. i’m crying again. RIP, callie. i love youuu and you will be missed.