i feel like such a nerd

i’m sitting outside of the student union on my laptop right now. our gaming club meeting just got done with and i don’t have my car on campus and the stupid crappalcart purple route stops running at 7. this means… i am stuck. i finally got a hold of laura, though, so she is coming to get me. hooray! i only have to look like a coffee shop yuppie poser for about 5 more minutes. it doesn’t help that i’m wearing all black, including a sweater and these really slinky black beaded pants. i look like an EMO and everyone behind me probably thinks i’m writing in my LiveJournal and talking about how my life sucks. BUT THEY’RE WRONG.

anywho, this is the perfect opportunity to spill my little story of what happened last night.

i was taking loki out to pee, and she squatted on the other side of some trucks in the parking lot. i didn’t realize it and started walking. her leash was tightened up so she started running the other direction while i kept walking in my direction. freak accident! somehow her collar broke and the little silver loop that connects to the leash came flying off, and her leash went in the other direction. loki heard LOUD NOISES so she ran like a bat out of hell back to the apartment. the leash went flying through the air, bounced off the hood of a car (i hope it didn’t dent but i can’t see that high), flew over about 3 other cars, and somehow… SOMEHOW, skidded underneath a few and ended up COMPLETELY LODGED UNDERNEATH MY NEIGHBOR’S 2 BACK TIRES. how does a leash get enough momentum to go underneath 2 tires of a car? i do not know. it’s ridiculous.

coincidentally, this car was completely dead 2 days ago and i thought i was going to have to wait until she got it fixed in order to get my leash back out. she informed me she’d gotten it fixed that day, so i got my leash out without any serious injuries other than some road rash (from trying to yank the leash out from underneath a few thousand pounds of metal). loki, however, may be scarred for life. it was a fun night.

i still can’t breathe today, and i used the nose spray that my dad said was the most badass nose spray he’s ever used. it has not made a significant difference other than making my sniffs sniff in different pitches. i could totally pull off a sniff orchestra. i also sound like chucky from the rugrats. it’s cool, though, because he’s my favorite.