i am in shock

i just made laura come into my room and look at my grade book for my statistics class because i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. i am so confused right now because i took that exam on friday and i felt awesome about the first 6 questions, but the last 5 had me stuck with a durr-face.

an 11-question exam is intimidating, in my opinion, because you know if you screw up once or twice, you inevitably blow your chances of getting a decent grade. all of the questions were based on the same set of information using the same scenario… so question 11 would relate back to question 10 and so forth. if you got the first few wrong, you basically got the rest wrong.

I GOT A FREAKING 90. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN AN “A” ON ANYTHING STATISTICS-RELATED IN MY LIFE. i am tempted to print screen and put this on the refrigerator. mom and dad, feel free to do the same. i’m not so sure that this will be happening many times this semester.

also, i highly suggest you watch this video. i cut off the bottom of my pant legs and put them on my animals. wicket could not have been any more on cue with his bodily functions. i have watched this video nearly 50 times this evening and laura and i were laughing our asses off. the tears were definitely streaming.