Shook Me All Night Long

oh snap, i haven’t danced like that in four years! i went to greensboro last night to the N club with ryan and a bunch of his buddies and oh man, it was so much fun! :cool: and i am so glad i did it, because i needed a night like that to remind me that it never hurts to let go and have a good time and not worry about a thing in the world. i love summertime because it always gives me more of a chance to do something out of the ordinary, something i don’t normally do. i’m hoping last night becomes more of a frequent thing from here on out, though. i met a lot of cool people and saw some friends i hadn’t seen in a while. i’m excited to see what’s going down tonight! i danced for 3 hours last night and came home at 4AM and made it to work by 8:30… i wonder if i can pull it off another night in a row. we’ll see. :wink:

i get to go to the dentist in an hour, so i leave work wayyy early. i still don’t know if i’ll be coming back depending on whether they numb me up good or give me laughing gas or both. yikes!