Crazy Night

i’ve decided that jill and i (mostly me) are dumbasses. the pictures from last night will speak for themselves.

we went to pilates last night after work which was a lot of fun. i hadn’t gone to one of those classes in like a year and it was refreshing and very soothing. i definitely needed it for relaxation purposes, i just wish it was every night though. we then pretty much reversed what we had just done by going to burger king. we were starving and in yadkinville so our options were limited. i only ate a sandwich, but with it being burger king, that still doesn’t say much. i can still feel the burn from last night, though! it’s the good kind.

plans fell through with some buddies so we wound up back at my house. we searched high and low for beer and found a total of 3 (minus 1 because it was frozen and blew up) and then found a bottle of “homemade wine” that jill had some of. it was kind of funky tasting but i had a bud light and a corona and i was good to go.

jill called rob in the midst of my drunken stupor and i proceeded to make an idiot of myself screaming from the other side of the house and talking to the dog trying to assure him that it’s fun to go outside and pee in the rain. thank god i didn’t do a demonstration. not only would i have spilled my beer(s), but i would’ve looked like a moron and probably would’ve managed to get hurt in the process.

soon after all this excitement, i passed out and slept like a rock. now i’m at work and i feel like i didn’t sleep at all last night, but i got a good 8 and a half hours. why do i never feel caught up? i don’t understand.

back to work… which is absolutely nothing. they’ve once again given me nothing to do. argh.