Bored at Work

everyone in my office left for a meeting upstairs and my boss, once again, forgot to leave me something to do. now i’m bored out of my freaking mind. i finished making a billion boxes and folders and there is no more filing because i’m just that good. now all i do is answer the phone when it rings every 30 minutes and tell them that i don’t know jack shit about the benefits office and they have to wait until the meeting is over and i don’t really even know how long that’s going to last either. aren’t i helpful? anyway, i’m just bitchy because there’s nothing else going on and it’s unbelievably cold in here and it’s muggy outside and the construction is exceptionally loud today and my sunburn is starting to kill me. i think these women are menopausal or something is going on because even though it’s subzero weather in here, they all have fans going at their desks. PSYCHOS. and, to top off the morning, some guy called and wanted to talk to someone and when i asked to take a message, he said to tell my boss that bill clinton called and to call him back. thank you, smartass. you sure made my day!

i think taking my “nap” yesterday was a bad idea. i fell asleep around 5:30 and woke up and talked to daniel for a couple minutes and fell back asleep until 7 this morning. too much sleep makes me even more tired. at least i’m not rocking back and forth in my chair with my eyes half open like yesterday. i’ve not been that tired since highschool i don’t think. i hate that feeling!

so this is my bitchy post for the week. there might be another one tomorrow if something exceptionally un-boring doesn’t happen between now and then. i want a beer and a pool and some sunshine but no more on the part that’s already burnt. i want to even out my horrible farmers’ tan. i don’t think girls are supposed to have these. :angry:

i’m so treating myself to pizza hut today. yes, yes i am.