What a Weekend

this was one of the best weekends i’ve had in a while. i had the concert friday, then saturday i went out to lunch w/ry~ry and then went to borders with justin who i hadn’t seen in way too long. i wound up at tim and michael’s apartment later that night watching dark city and van wilder which was a lot of fun. those 2 are a trip, especially when 1 or both of them are drunk. :smile:

i woke up at 7 yesterday morning to drive to boone and met up with james and brandi and headed for bristol, tennessee. dukesfest was awesome! but god, it was so hot. i started getting lightheaded because i hadn’t drank anything in a while so james got us all a crapload of bottled water and ice and we were good to go for the rest of the day. shooter jennings played and we watched the drag racing and the wrestling and the stunt men jumping general lees… it was great. they did have all the actors signing autographs but i don’t want to meet bo duke bad enough to wait in line for 6 hours. there’s no way. we all got totally roasted because none of us thought to bring sunscreen and with the shirt i was wearing i got these ridiculous tan lines that look hideous and they’re very noticeable. i even got a necklace tan and i was wearing my huge shell necklace so it’s even more obvious. i’m a dumbass, i know. never again will i wear jeans to one of these occasions when it’s 90 degrees out. bad idea.

we finally got back to boone and instead of going home i ended up going to chris’s new house to hang out with him and daniel. that was a lot of fun. eric showed up and we played jenga, which i suck at, by the way. i’d never played before. oh well. it was still fun!

i’m at work now and because of my sunburn i’m freezing and today is the 1 day i forgot to bring my sweater. i hate the feeling you get when you’re sunburnt, it feels so gross. more filing to do… yes! pictures are up.