last night was yet another night out at the club. i went with ryan and lee to arizona pete’s and i have been in a country bar/club before but this place was a hell of a lot better than that country corral i went to with my buddies from bragg. i made sure to wear my big shiny belt buckle and tight jeans but i said screw the whole boots idea and resorted to flip flops as always. i mean… we’re all sitting on stools around a big ol’ wooden barrel with a huge tray of beer cups on top. it was great. they had a live band with a gorgeous singer (who, by the way, i’m convinced i am going to marry), and when they weren’t playing they had country music AND dancing to dukes of hazzard and line dancing and AC/DC (i about flipped when i heard hells bells come on). i was in heaven. i was dancing all night long again and as soon as 1AM came around everything turned to rap and techno so you couldn’t dance without being butt to butt with about everyone in the place. it was crowded but it was so much fun… i’m starting to like this scene. it keeps me busy and i meet a ton of new people. however, after 2 nights of dancing for 3+ hours straight, my legs are in pain, my friends. i’m still ready to party tonight. :smile: and tomorrow. oh yeah, i got a nice picture of ryan striking what looks like a gay pose as he is wearing his shrunken wife beater. it’s online, so if you find it, lucky you. he’s probably going to kill me. :biggrin: back to work… only 5 more hours.