k, so who is the guy who went to staples and asked thomas if he knew short stack? :biggrin: he told me that and i found it a bit odd. also- who called me at 7:45 this morning from a 501 area code? i hope you have a legit excuse like a time difference or something because that was way too freaking early. i had just fallen asleep too! i didn’t get home ’til 6AM. it says online that it’s an arkansas number. i know 2 guys from arkansas and they’re both in the military and i highly doubt it was them. oh well. i got all kinds of strange phone calls last night/this morning.

last night i went to ryan’s with him and lee and ryan made us huge quesadillas and they were by far the best quesadillas i’ve ever ever had. i want another one right now. my beer munchies never went away from last night so here i am stuffing my face with homemade chocolate chip cookies, nachos with cheese dip (this new junk is spicy as heck, mom!), and cranberry juice.

chris and zach met up with us and we drove and picked up thad and then headed to jeff’s house. now, we were supposed to be going to a kegger… but ryan forgot to order the keg. :wassat: nice one, buddy. there weren’t very many of us there last night. 3-4 other guys showed up after we got there and this girl named amber was there too. she was so funny to hang out with! she and i were watching everyone play beer pong having a blast. i wanted to play so bad but by the time i finished my second vodka and red bull, i decided playing beer pong would be a terrible idea because i was guaranteed to lose against either thad or ryan and i did not need to drink a crapload of beer.

some people left and we all went inside for a while. the guys were trying to show eachother up with their sweet dance moves and i just sat there and stared. i could never do any of that crap… never. jeff busted out a deck of cards finally and i taught him and chris how to play rummy and we played that for a pretty good while.

at some point, 2 guys left to go to high point and ryan left with chris to go pick up some girl and i was left with thad and jeff and pete listening to dave matthews band sitting in the living room. do you ever think about how you wind up the places that you do? i mean, i don’t really know this guy jeff but him and the other guys ended up being cool as hell to hang out with. i started hanging out with ryan this summer and all of a sudden i’ve been going to clubs and parties with a billion new kids that i never would’ve met and it’s been so much fun. it’s crazy how meeting certain people totally changes up your life.

i’m supposed to go out with jill tonight and maybe fayre if she would call us back! i think we’re going to some kid’s house in raleigh and maybe the club, but if plans fall through i’ll probably end up back in greensboro.

i love this summer… it’s been an eye opener.