Save Me

i’m at work and i have absolutely nothing to do. i think i’m going to slowly lose my mind in this place. it’s so quiet, too quiet, almost silent. i put files in the file cabinets at 8:30 when i get here and i put them up at 4:45 before i leave. sometimes inbetween if i’m lucky they’ll get me to make labels. yeah. i miss my old boss because she gave me things to do. now that she’s gone, the day drags by because i sit on AIM and partyapp and the dilly and facebook and there is only so much you can do with all that. poo.

stephen IMed me this morning and hopefully we’ll be meeting anthony and bryan in greensboro later on for dinner. i’m so excited because i haven’t seen any of them in quite a while and i miss my tech. support nerds. :satisfied: we should all be in boone sitting in raley being the dorks that we are instead of being sprawled out across north carolina!

22 days ’til i move out on my own. :cool: this is gonna kick ass.

OH! and i’m going to see paul oakenfold with meg on thursday. :wassat: i’ve never been to a rave before… mwahahaha… this will be much fun!