Missin' Myrtle

brandi IMed me this morning gawking over the guys from myrtle beach and it got me to missing them like crazy. there are a couple in particular that i’d loooove love love to hang out with again, and it’s makin’ me sad. i should just be happy that it all happened, but i miss ’em like hell. i’m gonna be making a trip to ohio with grainger in september when he and puhlman come home from iraq so i do believe i’ll be stopping at ohio state to see some people. :wink: hell yes.

AND, james just informed me that bret michaels is playing at amos’ southend in charlotte on the 22nd and i am so stoked because i am definitely 100% going to this thing and this time… i’m getting a picture with him. geez, i’m excited.

tonight is the n club with ryan and lee and hopefully the rest of the group and tomorrow is paul oakenfold, and i’m gonna TRY to go to boone on friday. i have to pay off my parking ticket from april so i can rearrange my fall schedule and get rid of my holds AND i have to get something that belongs to my stepbrother that i left in boone. :crazy: oops.

jess’s party is also this weekend on saturday and i haven’t seen this girl in months! it’ll be awesome hanging out with all those kiddos again.

back to work. only 50 more minutes ’til lunch @ burke st. w/jason & jill. i hope this place is good because i’ve never been!

PS- i got my ozzfest ticket in the mail. :cool: me and sterka and david are gonna rock out like crazy in september!