Great Night

last night was so much fun! i wound up not going to the n club. the weather was crappy and my friends create too much drama for even girls to fathom and i didn’t feel like driving to and from lexington and greensboro all night.

instead, i rescued thomas from work ’cause his car battery died so we went to his place and then went to best buy to return a video card. since i’m such a good friend for driving to king and back, he bought me mexican for dinner which was AWESOME. he had a 32oz bud light draft and i swear to god the mug was like a foot tall. i took pictures. :cool: anyway, damn good dinner. thomas got druuuunk!

we went back to king and met up with drew, siner, dustan, dale, dan, and striebich at striebich’s for a while. striebich had food poisoning from wendy’s so the rest of us left and drove around king and chilled at thomas’s for a little bit and then headed back out. i hadn’t hung out with all those guys together in over a month and i missed them like crazy. i wish i had taken more pictures. ’twas a kickass evening with the best buddies in king!

i drove to clemmons after that and i had planned on going home but on the drive i caught a second wind and wanted waffle house really bad so i met scott and harrison up there around midnight for some good eatin’. we went to harrison’s and then to scott’s and travis met up with us there and we all crashed in the basement watching skate movies and i definitely pulled an all nighter which means it’s the second one this month. i don’t know how i’m going to manage staying awake tonight at the paul oakenfold show but i hope the crowd is good because that’ll keep me going. i really am looking forward to it so i’m sure the nervousness and adrenaline will keep me on my toes.

i’m gonna go chug another red bull and get food. ENERGY!!!