freaking IDIOT!!

the plan for last night was this:

-go home from work
-nap 5:15-6:30
-mi pueblo @ 7:30 w/meg
-leave w-s around 8:30-9 w/meg
-charlotte for paul freaking oakenfold

what did i do? i took a nap and woke up at damn 10PM to 11 missed calls, my alarm that did not go off, and meg had gone to charlotte. i’m so glad she had a good time anyway because i feel like a douchebag for missing it all. i really wanted to go… plus i already had paid $25. :wassat:

i get to redeem myself tonight because i’m not taking a lunchbreak and i’m leaving work at 4 to go to asheville with ben and sarah to a secret lives show. it should be a blast and i’m really looking forward to it. i will NOT take a nap today because i’m not gonna ruin another evening. :angry: i am determined.

saturday will be great too because i’m driving to knightdale to jess’s party and hopefully thomas is coming with me. i’m so excited!

and i just talked to grainger… who is coming home september 17th assuming all goes as planned and they don’t eff up the dates again. i miss my best friend. :satisfied: