last night was so much fun! the show was a blast and the people i went with were even more fun to hang out with. sarah is one crazy girl and never again will i allow her to make me a drink. :wink: no offense woman but i’m not a tank like you! i took lots of pictures and they are all up. ben and some other guys threw me up to go crowd surfing last night and i was up there goin’ around for about 10 seconds ’til one of the security guards yanked my leg and made me come falling to the floor. i caught myself before i hit hard though. it was so much fun! i miss doing that.

we drove home 12:30 and got back to town at 2:30 and all 4 of us crashed at bill’s place. his apartment is ridiculously awesome for just him living there. i’m envious. i wish i owned a chain of restaurants. :angry: maybe he’ll let me have one of them… that could be cool.

i’m gonna go finish eating my lunch and shower. i feel gross. and sometime i get to get my car inspected… woohoo! i hate doing that because i have to sit and just wait for like an hour. oh well. gotta do what you gotta do!