words can’t descrbe how much fun this weekend was. asheville friday night rocked, and raleigh just put it over the top. jess’s party was great and i saw her and peter and russell who i hadn’t seen in such a long time. i met a lot of cool people and i got a tooon of pictures.

thomas and i drove up to raleigh saturday night and got there around 7:30. jess’s mom made us PJ and jello shooters (i have hated jello since i was 7 and i learned the hard way again that i still hate it, vodka made it that much worse). we grilled out with hotdogs and hamburgers and lots of munchie food and swam all night long. i ended up going to sleep at 1:30 in the morning ’cause my allergies started acting up and i had partied quite enough for the night anyway. :cool: i needed some sleep.

i was woken up by a crapload of people in jess’s living room this morning so that was nice. i dragged myself out of bed and got dressed only to find out we were going swimming so i had to change AGAIN. we swam for a little while, then 8 of us took a trip to el dorado to get mexican for lunch. mmm… :smile: we went back and hopped in the pool again ’til it started thunderstorming preeeetty bad, so we ran from the rain and crazy wind into the tents down in the backyard. as soon as the thunder and lightning calmed down, the backyard turned into a war. jess’s backyard is ALL dirt. it was a great place to put the tents and stuff up, but baaad once the rain came. it was all mud and it turned into a giant mud fight and we were all 100% covered in it. except thomas because he sat in the tent the whole time like a butthead.

after the mud fights, the afternoon kind of died down because we were all starting to get tired. thomas and i left at 8ish and i just got home at 11 since i had to take him home too. i’m sick of being in the car. i’ve been in it way too much this weekend!!

i’m exhausted and i gotta get up early so i’m calling it a night. pictures will be up ASAP!!