Haircut :)

jill and i were supposed to go to pizza hut yesterday with my friend patrick who works 2 buildings down from us here at wake, but… on the way there he decides to switch things up a bit and, oh my god, what a surprise, we ended up getting mexican. i had it twice this weekend. i don’t think anyone eats it more than jill and i do. i don’t see how it’d be possible to. we eat mexican nearly every other day.

last night was a lot of fun. after jill and i got back from yadkinville, we hung out at my house for the rest of the night. ben showed up and we all chilled in my room watching ATHF and slowly getting drunk ’til 11:30ish. jill passed out somewhere inbetween making green shrek popcorn and her last beer. i kept getting more and more wide awake. i don’t know how that works because usually beer makes me tired. it was strange. but we had fun and when i layed down to go to sleep everything was definitely spinning and i felt tingly all over and i slept like a baby. except when jill kept pulling the covers off. :biggrin: i will hurt you, woman!

i have an hour and a half left ’til i get to leave on lunchbreak. i’m meeting ben at ham’s again for lunch and i’m so excited because i have the world’s worst craving for bacon cheese fries. :crazy: they’re just so good!!

i get my hair cut today at 5:30 and i’m oh so nervous! i’m not sure what i’m going to do yet. i had originally planned to grow it out but i don’t have the patience for it anymore. it’s hanging past my shoulders and flipping every damn direction and i just don’t like it. i know if i waited another month or so it’d be past the annoying stage but… can’t do it. oh well. i will do what i always do- spit out a random color and wait ’til she’s got the scissors in her hand and see how much gets cut off. woohoo! my hairdresser is a genius and always does something cool.

someone give me a new layout idea. i have to make one for when i move back to boone because technically… my summer will be over 3 weeks after i get back to the mountains and it will be flying by in no time. 4 months is feeling more like 4 days. :satisfied: it has been one hell of an incredible summer, however, and i’ve been loving every bit of it.