this weekend was NUTS! holy shit. jill and i took a little trip friday after work. we went and shopped around downtown winston, got some chocolate cake, showered and got ready for the exciting night ahead of us. we met adam and chasity at applebee’s in wilkesboro for dinner (sooo good) and sat and goofed off for a couple hours… that was a lot of fun. jill and adam had to part so us girls could go have fun. we headed to boone to watch elliot’s band play at klondike and it was my first time ever going to this so called greek hell. as much as i was dreading walking into that place, i had such a damn good time. i got to see a lot of my tech. support buddies, met a shitton of cool people, saw a ton of boone kids i hadn’t hung out with since like september, and finally met some people who i’d only spoken to online from PAPP. goodness… the show was great, i only managed to rack up a $11 bar tab, and there was a fight which made the evening oh so exciting!

after the show we went to lew’s kegger and didn’t end up staying there very long. too much drama and everyone was getting tired. i got an entire cup of beer poured down the front of my shirt and i had JUST filled it up in the very long keg line so i had to wait a very long time again to get another one. oh well. it was still fun.

saturday jill and i were supposed to go back to winston but her plans got cancelled so we changed ours a bit. :cool: we went to chasity’s and showered and got cleaned up only to get dirtied right back up again at snake pit which is one of the awesome water holes down 421. i love boone because there are so many random spots on the river where you can just go swimming or tubing or climbing or whatever you want and no one gives a rats ass and EVERYONE goes so you’re always meeting cool kids when you go out there. it was froggy’s birthday so he and rodda got a case of beer and the 4 of us headed out to play in the river with the rest of their buddies. most of us had a nice buzz going so we were all acting like little kids jumping off rocks into the water and pushing eachother in and being stupid. so much fun! :smile:

we left there and i drove jill to wilkesboro and drove home to shower and get a change of clothes and not smell like river water. i got back to boone around 10:30 that night and the remainder of the evening was spent watching TV, eating papa john’s, and playing circle of death. the rest of the night turned into a big blur but i know it was fun and i have the pictures to prove it. ha! i am so glad i keep my camera around all the time.

i think i was the only person yesterday who wasn’t hungover so i was up and ready to go do something at about 10AM but the rest of the guys decided they wanted to be stupid lazy buttheads and stay asleep ’til about 2:30 in the afternoon. i fixed that problem very quickly… jumping on someone’s bed is the perfect wake up call. i dragged rodda out of the house at 1 and got mexican because it was calling my name. i miss dos amigos so bad! we continued to be lazy back at the house so we sat around and ate peaches and drank beer and shot bottles with a BB gun off the upstairs roof and listened to the talking heads while elliot danced… scary. oh yeah, and we chopped beer cans in half with my skull axe. mwahahaha! :biggrin: i’m glad no neighbors were watching us. i guess the guys finally got tired of being lazy because they actually got dressed and we went to get chinese at the semi new chinese restaurant down the street. it wasn’t the best food i’ve ever had but it was pretty good. i got a fortune cookie and it said that i should have good luck but considering the last 4 or 5 of those i’ve had, it’s given me 13 as one of my lucky numbers. i think that definitely cancels out the whole good luck thing.

ben showed up later last night and we all watched the girl next door and played rummy for a while. we wound up going to geno’s for a bit and then to some bar/hotel in blowing rock where everyone played pool and ran around on the haunted 3rd floor looking for ghosts and i finally got my vodka and red bull so i could freaking wake up. i was so tired at this point. after that i was just kind of out of it and really, really jittery. i kept twitching for the next 2 hours. i bumped into my friend jenn because it was her 21st birthday and she was plastered. she stepped on my toe with huge clunky shoes and i wanted to hit her but i couldn’t because it was her birthday. i got to ride the fake green horse out front of the hotel and we made a stop at the burnt down “haunted” house back in boone and then called it a night.

i crashed at 3AM and then got sleep off and on until 6AM when my annoying phone alarm went off and i got the strength to crawl out of bed and drive home. stopping at gas stations at 6AM is not fun… especially when you’re lookin’ that rough and people are like what in the hell happened to you?

now i’m at work and i am really hungry and i really want to go to sleep but i can’t. i have a feeling that this afternoon when i go home i’m going to clean my room and attempt to take a nap but it’ll turn into one of those 15 hour naps. those are so great but i think you end up being more tired afterwards. i don’t know. i just want to crawl into my bed. at least i got to wear my sweet new pants that my stepmom got me. they’re hippie cool beaded baggy cotton pants and they’re niiiiice!

anywho, pictures are up and they’re funny as hell. :wink: