Rest & Relaxation

after this weekend, i feel so liberated.

the CISSP is over, though i still feel like i should be studying for something. it feels weird not having my nose in a book all day every day.

i completed every website i was working on for the past several months. well, all except for one. that one is not nearly as stressful, however.

things at work are wrapping up.

and then… the best part… brett came home on sunday. lucky for him, he didn’t have to work yesterday. lucky for me, god has a sense of humor and brett (in his attempt to get the apartment door unlocked) actually broke the key in the lock yesterday afternoon (HULK SMASH), so i got to leave work early. despite the fact that this requires purchasing another $25 apartment key, it gave us the rest of the afternoon/evening to hang out. which was awesome.

the longest we’d been apart until now was a little under 2 weeks. the past 25 days? they pretty much sucked. i mean, they weren’t all bad because i definitely stayed busy. but him being gone? sucked. totally freaking sucked.

him being home is like a breath of fresh air. combine that with this gorgeous weather, and the complete lack of crap on my mind… it doesn’t get much better. never in my life have i been this happy. you could even take away the gorgeous weather and the complete lack of crap on my mind and i am positive that i would still be this ridiculous.

i am not trying to gloat. i am just amazed at how one person has given me so much inspiration and happiness and self-confidence (something i failed to allow myself for entirely too long) in only a year. it’s just… awesome.

thank you, brett. :)