Playing Catch Up

i’ve been so busy enjoying brett being home that i’ve completely neglected this website. i actually love that. it means that i got my face away from the computer long enough to forget about this thing, and RELAX.

i have not, however, been able to get away from my phone. which means the tweets are still abundant. ridiculous, frivolous, and abundant.

oh well.

since he’s been home, we’ve spent a day at the beach bar (the beach got too windy), gone on a romantic dinner cruise out of patriot’s point (highly recommend it!), and i’ve gotten back to a regular diet. by regular, i mean it does not consist solely of chocolate, gummy worms, velveeta, and frozen pizza. i’ve integrated veggies and real food again. i’ve actually used the stove. i feel like a new woman.

i also got back into cleaning. me. the person who is a neat freak. i completely neglected the cleaning while he was gone, which is probably why i couldn’t breathe, come to think of it.

i vacuumed, dusted, vacuumed some more, did laundry, folded clothes, hung up clothes, washed the counter tops, scrubbed the shower and the toilet… the apartment is habitable again.

and call of duty is back on the other TV. oh, how i missed the sound of warfare in the living room. :)