2 Deadlines, 1 Day, Bad Idea

not a bad idea in that it was unbearable, but today was just a long day. i feel like my brain hasn’t taken a break since i woke up this morning–something i’m not exactly used to. i’m used to allowing myself a few hours of zoning out and watching mind-numbing sitcoms and pawn stars while simultaneously stuffing my face with cape cod chips.

unfortunately, today’s schedule did not allow me that luxury.

we have a project deadline tomorrow at work, so a few of us stayed until 5:30 today (which isn’t late but it’s later than usual) to get things done (i am intentionally being vague) and in between getting things done at work, i played with metasploit. i’m trying to get reacquainted because until yesterday, it had been like… a year since i touched it. metasploit, hypercube, and various hex editors have been my extracurriculars this week. it’s been quite the learning experience. i’m getting there.

something else i learned today? bananas and coffee == terrible idea. you know the way your face contorts when you drink orange juice or lemonade after brushing your teeth? it was like that. except it wasn’t even minty fresh. it was just nasty.

additionally, i overbooked myself in march thinking that it would be a good idea to maintain website work while trying to tackle the CISSP. as it turns out, that wasn’t the most brilliant idea. i told one of my clients i’d have his website ready to go by tomorrow, because up until this weekend i was dedicating most of my spare time and all of my attention span to preparing for the hardest exam i’ve ever taken in my life. which left me with the past 4 days to get it done.

well, i got it done. but i left the bulk of it for this evening. which means as soon as i got home from work, i settled in on the couch with my bagel & cream cheese and bottled water, and got to coding. i have gotten up twice. one bathroom break for me, and one for loki. thor also joined in. never before have i owned a cat who insisted on peeing with me.

what a gorgeous day to have spent entirely indoors. 80+ degrees and sunny. at least it was productive–no denying that.

and now, it is 11:30 and i am done. the laundry is done. i vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned up the apartment earlier this week. the trash has been taken out. all that’s left is the drive back to north carolina tomorrow to spend easter weekend with the family.

OH, and then the little bit at the end where i have to drive back to charleston. and go to the airport. and PICK UP BRETT WHO WILL FINALLY BE HOME FROM AFRICA. i am so excited. :happy: i can finally stop talking to myself around the apartment.