Reservation Rewards Scam

i just looked at my bank account and there is $12 missing from “RESERVATIONREWARDS”. not having a clue what that was, i googled it to find out i’m probably the millionth person to be scammed for their money. evidently, when purchasing products from websites like or (there are others, but i’ve only used one time and now i’m getting money stolen) they keep your card information and sell it to this company who then charges your innocent bank account $12 a pop.

conveniently, they are not open on the weekends. don’t doubt i won’t be calling at 9 AM tomorrow before i start work. i am so pissed off right now. i know it’s $12, but i know a boatload of people that use and have never had this come up (or never mentioned/noticed it) but i find it hard to miss money just disappearing from your bank account. i will get my money back. does it too, but with a different company, i think. they did that to me a long time ago.

the moral of this story is: don’t be stupid online and let assholes steal your $12. and don’t use :upyours: bullshit.