I Hate To Say It

but i’m going to miss fort bragg. :( i know everyone bitches and moans about how much fayetteville sucks, but i almost like it here. i like the way we live. adam and i both had a really hard time falling asleep last night and as soon as we were both passed out, the loudest thunderstorm i’ve ever heard in my LIFE came through and i thought the whole building was going to come crumbling down because it shook everything. it even woke adam up and he was out of the bed and out the bedroom door in like 3 seconds because it scared the shit out of both of us.

so neither of us really fell back asleep and he left for work at 5, only to come back because he realized he left his military ID in his locker at the company. which meant i had to drive him. again. haha, poor guy. so now that he finally got his truck back from the tow lot, i still had to drive him. i’m still barely awake all bundled up in my hoodie and tacky leopard pants and bright pink crocs so when we went through the visitor gate, i looked close to ridiculous. evidently, it was enough to get him out of his already-terrible mood from the morning’s events and he gave me a kiss goodbye and i dropped him off at the company. it was still dark outside and there were hundreds of soldiers in their PTs and ACUs running around, like every morning. i had to stop a thousand times while leaving base to let soldiers run across the street and wait for road marches to pass by, like every morning.

this happened 2 years ago after we lived together and i know i’m going to go through “withdrawal” again when i get back to boone, but i will also enjoy the 3 hour drive back to fort bragg to see him on weekends. i’m excited that for now, we never really settle into a routine for too long. it keeps things interesting and we don’t ever have enough time to get sick of each other. except for when he leaves his spitter next to the bed and the dog knocks it over and it almost gets on the sheets. :)

i love it. i almost don’t want him to get out of the military. o_0 don’t anyone repeat that to him because he will probably kick me in the head for even thinking those words. unless he gets stationed somewhere not so sketchy and ghetto, i don’t think he’ll ever have the desire to stay in the military past the next 2 years. better make them fun while they last…!!

on a side note, i just called reservation rewards and they said they “cancelled my membership” and they are giving me a refund. SCHWING! i love it when that happens.